Award-Winning Data Loss Prevention

On-premise full DLP for Enterprise and Small-Medium businesses, available as hardware and virtual appliance, or as cloud infrastructure.

Easy to use, cross-platform Data Loss Prevention tools that ensure seamless control of USB and peripheral ports, scan data in motion and data at rest, enforce encryption and offer enterprise mobility management.

Zentyal Server 6.0

An easy to use Linux Server for SMBs

First-ever native Microsoft Active Directory® implementation on Linux that is easy to use. Zentyal Server incorporates all the network services required in a small and medium business environment: Directory & Domain Server, Mail Server, Gateway and Infrastructure Server.

Zentyal key value proposition

Easy Linux Alternative to Windows Server

  • First-ever native Microsoft Active Directory® implementation on Linux that is easy to use
  • This server solution incorporates all the network services required in a corporate environments
  • Zentyal Server administrators can manage all the network services via graphical user interface, there is no need to use command line
  • There is no other Linux server solution that provides this level of easiness of use in the world

Vembu VMBackup

Delivers reliable and consistent backups with recovery points that span months and years. Protect your business critical servers running on VMware vSphere environments with an intuitive UI that addresses complex use cases with simple configurations. Built to pursue efficiency in data protection cost-effectively, without compromising on delivering enterprise level functionalities.

Vembu ImageBackup for Windows Servers & Endpoints

It backs up the entire disk or the selected partitions of Windows systems including the Operating System(OS), boot information, system settings, applications, and files – even while the computers are still being used. You can restore your Windows systems from scratch to same or new hardware using the Bare-Metal Recovery. Vembu ImageBackup also provides cross-platform migration, using which you can migrate your physical windows servers and workstations to the virtual environment (P2V)

Vembu NetworkBackup for Files & Applications

Vembu NetworkBackup ensures protection to all your business critical data across file servers, application servers, and workstations.

  • Backup Files/Folders
  • Backup System State, Active Directory & Registry
  • Backup Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint & Outlook
  • Encrypt your data, both at-rest and in-flight
  • Retain files that you need along with its versions, spanning years

Vembu OffsiteDR

OffsiteDR provides extended data protection to your critical business data by replicating them from production site to offsite data center, which will safeguard your business during unexpected disasters.

Vembu SaaSBackup for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a group of software and services subscription, which together provides productive software and related services to subscribers. Office 365 has stringent security policies and other advantages with regards to secure data storage but when it comes to malicious activity or data corruption caused by unauthorized app synchronization or human error, data is never safe. Vembu SaaSBackup provides secure Backup & Recovery of Microsoft Office 365 including OneDrive for Businesses. Vembu SaaSBackup is designed for backing up the Mails, Drives, Calendar and Contacts of your Office 365 user accounts

Avast® Business Antivirus
protection for small & medium sized businesses to protect against viruses, malware and provide a safe online experience

Avast® Business Antivirus Pro
includes the capabilities of Avast Business Antivirus and provides additional data protection

Avast® Business Antivirus Pro Plus
includes the capabilities of of Avast Business Antivirus and provides additional data protection and identity protection.

MLine Focus RMM

MLine Focus RMM Service Is a Comprehensive, Secure ITSM Suite designed to offer uninterrupted operation to organizations IT infrastructure

They covers

  • Network Monitoring
  • Network path visualization
  • Remote access
  • Automated monitoring and maintenance
  • Patch management
  • Prescriptive data analytics
  • Backup and recovery
  • Web Protection
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Data-breach risk intelligence
  • Managed antivirus